About Us

Who we are

Founded in February 2009 and based in Johannesburg, Custom Gifts has been a leading provider of corporate gifts and personalised gifts. For tailored personalised gifts visit our sister site www.customgifts.co.za. We pride ourselves in the fact that we contribute to making people's lives happy all over South Africa by helping our customers to give the ideal gift for various occasions throughout each year.

What we do

We create the ideal corporate gifts, according to customer specifications. We ensure that we always have a wide selection of different products to help our customers to find exactly what they want and need. Year-end functions, corporate events and providing products for marketing campaigns are what we do best!

Showing people various options to their ideas and providing products with the highest quality printing is what we love to do. Even though we are based in Johannesburg we deliver all over the country.

How we do it

We use the right technology and tools combined with our know-how we create what you want, when you want it. By using the various branding methods available ensure that ultimately the end result will meet (and often exceed) our customers' expectations.